Val d'Aveto Tourism

The splendor of the Apennines,

in the province of Genoa.

val d'aveto

A unique territory, shaped by the flow of the Aveto river and surrounded by the crown of the Ligurian Apennines

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Val d'Aveto: What to See

Val d'Aveto is the ideal place to rediscover the desire to explore new places.

It is the place where the Apennines look like the Alps, where the highest peaks of eastern Liguria greet the sea.

Monte Aiona Val d'Aveto

Mount Aiona

The 1700 meters of Monte Aiona represent one of the most popular destinations for all hikers in Val d'Aveto.

Once you reach the top, an incredible panorama will welcome you.

Castello di Santo Stefano d'Aveto

The Castle of Santo Stefano d'Aveto

In the main square of Santo Stefano d'Aveto,

the characteristic Catello Malaspina Fieschi welcomes us

with its pentagonal shape and reminds us of the centuries of history of the Aveto Valley

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Monte Gifarco Val d'Aveto

Mount Gifarco

Over 1300 meters and the summit which welcomes, after a narrow rocky gully, the "Sword in the Stone"

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Lago delle Lame val d'aveto

Il Lago delle Lame

At 1048 meters above sea level, Il Lago delle Lame is one of the most iconic settings in all of Aveto Valley.

Its glacial origin dates back to about 20,000 years ago, from the glacier of Monte Aiona, 1700 above sea level.

The top of Aiona can be reached from the lake in an exciting itinerary lasting 3 hours.

Photo Credits: Walking in Liguria

Foresta Monte Penna

The Forest of Monte Penna

A magical atmosphere, an enchanting forest.

For decades the forest of Monte Penna has supplied the Maritime Republic of Genoa with wood for the construction of galley oars.

The area lends itself to rest and relaxation. Even the ascent to Mount Penna offers enchanting views.

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Val d'Aveto: What to do

Wildlife Watching, Cycling & Mtb and Walks on the highest mountains of Liguria.

Road Cycling

The climbs in Val d'Aveto are fantastic. Road cycling lovers will find what they are looking for: the Crociglia Pass, the Tomarlo and Zovallo Passes, Scoglina and Fregarolo.

Steep climbs that often go in double figures, giving unforgettable emotions and landscapes.

Mountain Bike in Val d'Aveto

Paths that are lost in the woods and lead to conquer peaks. Routes suitable for all difficulties and a bike park near Monte Bue.

Trekking & Walks

Countless km suitable for everyone: families with children in tow, intrepid explorers and professionals.

In Val d'Aveto every path has its ideal walker.

We are waiting for you.

Wild Life Watching

Few places in the world can allow tourists to live in close contact with Nature.

Wild horses, fallow deer, falcons and the wolf of the Ligurian Apennines: this is the Val d'Aveto that awaits you.

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